B49 Refill kit 4x70gr - Boveda

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Best seller replacement packs for starter kits: guitar, large & small. 4-Pack packaged in a resealable high-barrier heavy-duty plastic bag with a zip closure. Each Boveda is not individually overwrapped. Just slip these refills into the Boveda Leakproof Holder(s) and slide them back into your instrument case. 

  • measurements: 13.34 cm x 8.89 cm
  • accuracy: maintains RH range between 40% - 60%
  • ingredients: Food-grade salt, purified water and a food-grade thickening agent sealed inside a leakproof membrane.
  • lifespan: replace every 3 months
  • expiration: unopened can last up to 2 years
  • made in the USA


  • ALWAYS insert Boveda into a leakproof holder before using in your instrument case. The holder acts as a liquid barrier if a packet is accidentally punctured while extending the life of your Boveda packets. The patented interior material allows water vapor to pass through to your instrument. The exterior is soft, like a polishing cloth, so it doesn’t scratch the finish.
  • DO NOT mix different Boveda RH levels within the same instrument case. 
  • DO NOT use other humidification products with Boveda in the same case because they will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of Boveda.


  1. Slip the Boveda pack into the pouch of its leakproof holder. (DO NOT OPEN the Boveda itself.)
  2. Place in the case anywhere that allows for airflow and prevents puncture when you close the case:
    - Under the neck or headstock
    - On the strings

    - Open area in the case
  3. Close the case's lid. Always keep your case closed when using Boveda.

For user´s guide click here.

how it works

Without proper humidity control, wood instruments will not perform at their maximum ability and even worse can be damaged. The Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control adds or removes moisture as conditions require to maintain the ideal humidity level in your instrument case.

This means no more warping or cracking, while eliminating downtime for service. And because Boveda requires zero maintenance or activation, your instrument will always be simply and easily at the ready.

what are the


  • Requires zero maintenance: no more filling messy hoses and snakes and wetting sponges
  • Maintains an ideal relative humidity range for instruments: 40-60% RH
  • Prevents wide fluctuations in humidity that cause the wood to expand or shrink, and degrade its performance abilities